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Dark Green Fuchsite

Energy Center: Heart

Dark Green Fuchsite is an intriguing crystal, both in appearance and the way it feels to the touch. This crystal opens the heart center and draws to it warmth and a sense of calm. Perhaps because of intensity of all the minute crystals, Dark Green Fuchsite has a strong connection to natural earth energies that are always present. As a result, it feels as if you are being embraced by Nature itself.

The palms of your hands and the soles of your feet are strong meridian points for the Heart Energy Center. These meridians are activated by this crystal, which makes it ideal for self-healing or those who do energetic healing for others. It promotes compassion and understanding for the circumstances and situations that foster dis-ease. At the same time, it minimizes unhealthy empathy by reinforcing the healer’s own healthy boundaries.

This ability to offer compassion without taking on someone else’s energy, or not allowing your own, unwanted, unnecessary or un-needed energies to linger in your field, makes this an ideal crystal for anyone who is aware that they are susceptible to the energies of others. In this case it is not so much that it clears these energies, as much as it attracts other energies that are more aligned with your frequency.

Dark Green Fuchsite assists with being more disciplined with your personal routines such as meditation, yoga or exercise, writing, or any other activity that supports your connection to self.

Another important characteristic of Dark Green Fuchsite is that is promotes character, integrity and sincerity. An easy way to imagine or experience this is to think of the crystal creating a natural link from your heart center to your Higher Self which carries the Soul’s blueprint. By working with this link it is possible to gain greater understanding of your own personal journey and what makes you unique.

Properties: Clarity, Higher Guidance, Protection

Mohs Scale – Hardness 2 – 3

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