Dalmatian Jasper | The Magic of Crystals

Dalmatian Jasper

Energy Center: Crown

Full Scope: When it comes to our emotions, Dalmatian Jasper might be considered the crystal of ‘perspective’. You see this crystal has a strong connection to the Solar Plexus Energy Center, but it is also linked to the Crown Energy Center. This means that while working with Dalmatian Jasper you have greater access to your full range of emotions, yet can experience or witness them from the perspective of your purpose, Higher Self, and even Soul and Spirit.

Imagine having a key that opens doors to emotional patterns, outdated beliefs, or habitual responses that are resisting or preventing us from creating the life of our dreams. That is the type of awareness that is possible when you establish a link between your emotions and your own higher guidance.

Dalmatian Jasper is ideal for releasing worry or anxiety. It can assist in finding and staying connected to a sense of balance and contentment. When you are already in a state of happiness and hope it may enhance or expand them.

It is a crystal whose natural resonance aligns with finding middle ground. Finding “your” perspective.

Middle ground may sound boring and not like something to “shoot for”… but finding the middle before making important decisions will help you to understand emotionally how the choices you are making will affect the stability, direction and outcome. It does this by allowing you to see and access the full range of your emotions. And by creating the awareness of what is influencing your decision making on a personal level.

It is like shining a spotlight on different emotional energies and how they inform your life choices. Dalmatian Jasper does this without making any of them good or bad, right or wrong, or positive versus negative. It helps you understand each emotional energy has its own place. It’s own value. It is in the way we individually interpret, absorb or resist them that drives our relationship to/with our emotions.

No two people have the same emotional blueprint or essence. So being able to connect with them on a personal level is important inner-work. Working with Dalmatian Jasper may be an important key to unlocking new levels of self-awareness and expansion. Especially when those have been hard to access due to emotional inflexibility.

Once you begin to recognize your patterns, beliefs and habits, because of the connection to your Crown Energy Center, you may find it easier to make different choices, therefore enjoying different outcomes.

Energy Body: Emotional

Energy Center: Solar Plexus (Crown)

Properties: Self-awareness, Balance, Higher Guidance.