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Energy Center: Reproductive

The Full Scoop: This is an interesting crystal because, on the one hand, it feels as though it is downloading information. However, it is truly more like activating information that you already know, even if you don’t remember that you know it.  This is one of the reasons you can still feel the energy of this stone after you have already put it down.  The activation process is still happening for quite some time.  Here is where the “ripple in the pond” analogy can be used.  The ripple is spreading throughout your body, long after you dropped the energy of Creedite into your personal energy bodies.

Why would it be so important for this stone to distinguish itself so clearly as a stone for activating versus downloading? One thought is that it is more of a personal tool for remembering our own soul journey than, say, that of the human experience of evolving consciousness.

During this time of increasing vibrational frequencies, it is important for each of us to remember what we have uniquely come here to do.  The Light energy that each of us brings to the whole, to Oneness is an important piece of the puzzle.  It may look similar to the other pieces around it. However, the truth is without it there is a vacancy or void.  It doesn’t mean the vacancy can’t be filled; it means that in order for it to be filled, other energies are stretched to compensate. Yet, if we work in unison (as one), things come together with greater ease and efficiency.

This last piece (Efficiency) is important too, when thinking about Creedite.  It has the energy of logic, organization and the masculine energy of doing or taking action.

So, the activation of dormant information you carry or perhaps, information you are choosing not to act on, is really about each of us fulfilling our dreams or purposes for being here.  If not in this time/space, then perhaps the next one.  Remember, one of the greatest gifts of all crystals is patience!

Even though Creedite focuses on bringing us into alignment with Oneness, this does not mean it will not assist you with the day-to-day challenges in our physical world.  When logic, focus, efficiency and action are what you need, work with this stone to access these energies.

Also, because it works on the cellular level, you can use Creedite to help release blockages within the fluid systems of the physical body.  If you are aware of where these blockages are, place the stone directly on the spot (or related energy center), and allow the energy flow.  Once again, you will likely feel the energy of this stone long after it as been removed from your energy field.

Properties: Self-awareness, Transformation, Clearing

Mohs Scale – Hardness 3.5 – 4

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