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Energy Center: Heart

The Full Scoop: Chrysoprase focuses almost all of it’s energies towards the Heart Energy Center. It is soothing and calming to the heart. It is an ideal crystal to work with if you are trying to repair a broken or injured heart.

This crystal assists you to connect with the energy of forgiveness for yourself and for others. It offers a reminder that any anger, jealousy, fear or bitterness you hold against another is actually hurting you much more than it ever will the intended target.

By working with or wearing Chrysoprase, you have an opportunity to see how each person, situation, or relationship serves you. It assists by helping you see where you are giving your power or strength away to someone or something else. It can help you to see the beliefs that attract you to particular situations (and people), any in addition… what is on the other side of making those same choices. Forgiveness is not about someone else being right or winning. It is about releasing them energetically from any contracts, cords or attachments.

Chrysoprase can then be used as an energetic balm for the heart. Think of it as a way to help minimize scar-tissue, so that there is less resistance to the next opportunity of the heart.

For those who are not dealing with a broken or injured heart, Chrysoprase is an ideal stone to assist with staying connected with your Heart Center. It allows you to operate from the Heart, versus the mind. In fact, it is as if it almost scrambles the messages from the mind, so they are hard to pay attention too. It helps get and keep you out of your head!

This is very important during these ever-shifting times. The mind is so busy trying to process all the internal and external shifts that are happening that it creates a profound illusion of accelerating “time”. When we naturally connect with the Heart and operate from that space, we minimize that feeling of being rushed! It is if it is a reminder to breathe!

Properties:   Self-awareness, Clarity, Clearing

Mohs Scale – Hardness 6 – 7

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