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Energy Center: Throat

The Full Scoop: Chrysocolla has the potential to work with all energy centers and with the Physical Energy Body.  First, it seems to connect with the Throat; however, very quickly after that you may feel it in your Third Eye and or Heart Centers.  In addition, because of its strong connection to the physical body it provides a sense of stability which is very much a Root Energy Center experience.

The connection that you feel between the Third Eye, Throat and Heart is an important one.  This is the energy that many of us are feeling as consciousness shifts on the planet.  It is the blending of the masculine energy of the mind with the feminine energy of the heart AND the ability to express this combination in ways that can be received. As most of us recognize, when someone relays information that is too much from the head, it can feel controlled or inauthentic and it has low resonance. Conversely, when someone expresses only from the heart, it can feel higher in resonance, but not very grounded or actionable.

Chrysocolla can help you find the balance of these two that is right for you.  As a reminder, balance does not mean equal or symmetrical.  Instead it is what is right for each individual and that individual’s particular blend of wisdom, experience, values, attitudes and beliefs.  In this way Chrysocolla helps you to find your uniqueness.  Visually this is true of Chrysocolla itself.  It is a beautiful combination of minerals where no two look the same. And isn’t this the true journey we are each on-a unique journey to Oneness. It is important to understand the power and the impact of the words you use and how they affect your reality.

The implications of Chrysocolla’s ability to affect the physical body and to provide the sense of stability is important.  As so many of us experience shifts and changes in our lives the connection to safety and security with who we are and our ability to succeed is an important one.  This is especially true for those who are dedicated to walking a spiritual path.  It is sometimes easier to stay connected to the spiritual portion of the journey and to forget that what makes this experience so important is that we are doing it in physical form.  Dense vibrational matter is bringing more Light into being.

Allow Chrysocolla to make a stronger connection between you and your body.  You will find that your body is giving you bountiful messages and guidance on how best to navigate your unique journey.

Properties: Self-awareness, Balance, Communication

Mohs Scale – Hardness 2.5 – 3.5

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