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Energy Center: Crown

The Full Scoop: Charoite is a strong stimulant to the Crown Energy Center. It guides you to take notice and start to think about what is right for you in this moment or current phase of your life. It brings the focus of your life as a spiritual being to the forefront of your mind.

Oftentimes, mental gymnastics have you spending more time planning or preparing for the future or sorting through the past. Charoite helps you stay in the moment while also supporting clear thinking. You are able to come to decisions faster, make choices based on your overall values and beliefs and comprehend how these decisions and choices support your life focuses. This is true even when you feel you are in transitional phases such as moving, switching careers, starting or ending a relationship or other times of change.

Charoite naturally infuses the energies of beauty and abundance. These are spiritual qualities that you are here to experience, even when you have forgotten this small detail. The word that comes to your mind might be “royalty.” However, this does not imply excess or separation from the common experiences of life. Instead, it is an indication of the lush, vivid, colorful, variety and spice of life. What better way to tap into the energies of abundance!

Finally, Charoite is ideal to work with when you are trying to develop more patience in your life. This can be especially helpful if you are very “future-oriented” and you like to set aggressive goals. The suggested idea is to value the milestones and goals, but to allow them to unfold naturally and without the need to over-manage, worry or second-guess them during the process.

Properties:  Clarity, Transformation, Manifestation

Mohs Scale – Hardness 5 – 6

Additional Information on Charoite as of 2013! Charoite is here to serve! This is a crystal that wants to support you on your spiritual/personal journey. It opens the Crown Energy Center to support a strong connection with your Higher Guidance. In addition, it helps to bring this guidance into the physical body so that it can be integrated with a greater sense of ease.

Many people are aware that they are receiving, absorbing or processing downloads of energetic information. Many have physical signals that inform them of this process. However they may not understand what this means to them. Charoite can act as an interpreter… even if it is simply understanding that this energetic information has shifted their vibrational frequency. This high-level awareness, provides an opportunity to see how people approach you differently or situations or events affect you in new ways. It is like changing a filter.

Charoite has a “cut-to-the-chase” sensibility. One of the ways that we diminish our own learning and growth is by dismissing what we know. Clear-knowing is a powerful intuitive ally. However, many of us were raised to look for proof, evidence or confirmation of our knowing. Without external validation, we may have been challenged, dismissed or laughed at. As a result it is easy to suppress this potent gift. Charoite helps us to reconnect to this intuitive gift and supports trusting our own knowing… (in a matter of fact way).

Charoite is an ideal crystal to work with when you are trying to integrate new information or concepts. This is especially true for those who have studied various philosophies and teachings for awhile, yet still are unsure how to “walk the talk”. Charoite put the power of resonance and choice in front of you in a way that can not easily be dismissed. If these signals are missed or ignored, it is sure to support a virtual turning-up of the volume.

This crystal is an ideal ally for Healers and those who channel information from Higher Source. It clears the connection between the Healer/client and the channel/Higher Source so that the need information is easily available and trusted. This can be helpful for those who are just starting out as a Healer or channel and those who have extensive experience. Because we are constantly shifting and changing our vibrational frequency, the conduit for energetic information can always be strengthened.

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