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Energy Center: Crown

The Full Scoop: Celestite is a great crystal to work with when you would like to connect with other dimensions and realms. Oftentimes it is considered to be an imagined bridge to the Angelic realm. However, it can also connect you with other time and space dimensions and realms such as dreams, faire, off-planet or optimal futures.

Because it is a strong Spiritual Energy Body and Crown Energy Center stone, Celestite can easily quiet the mind and emotions and bring you into the now moment. You may find that you have many tingling sensations along the top half of your skull and forehead. It doesn’t affect your physical body as much as it connects you with the now. You are more aware of all of your surroundings, including messages from the physical body.

Once you connect with the moment, you allow your imagination to explore and search for access points to these other realms. You have the ability to tap into a number of different energy sources to receive Higher Guidance. In fact, when you tap into the morphogenic field, it is likely that you access these bridges to other realms. This may explain those experiences when you’ve known the answer to the question before it had been asked, or you had known which direction to take even without having been there before. These are examples of tapping into the vibrational energy field of all known information.

Whichever way you connect with the morphogenic field, Celestite may help amplify this connection so that your guidance or access to energetic information is increased. In addition, you will have greater access to information you have learned and absorbed through personal experience, even those subjects or experiences you thought were long forgotten.

The more you incorporate Celestite into your meditations or prayers, the more you will trust the guidance you receive. For those who already trust their guidance, Celestite simply makes the messages more clear.

Celestite has a calming energy like a gentle breeze. It instills a sense of calm that allows you to express yourself without getting caught up in emotional situations that may surround you. You may find that words of comfort and support for others are easier to find and express.

Properties: Higher Guidance, Intuition, Communication

Mohs Scale – Hardness 3.5

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