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Energy Center: Reproductive

The Full Scoop: This is a stone that can vary in color from an orangish red to golden yellow, often in the same stone. However, when you first experience Carnelian it is not uncommon to connect with it in your Reproductive Energy Center.  This is the Energy Center of pleasure and represents both creative and sexual energies.  It also provides a strong link to your Root Energy Center which means it can help you bring your creative and sexual energies into physical manifestation.

If you are an artist who is blocked or having a difficult time getting your internal vision reflected in the real world, this may be an ideal stone for you to work with.  If you are challenged by your sexual energy and do not feel as though you are realizing your potential and/or pleasure, try working with Carnelian. It can naturally instill a stronger sense of self-awareness including confidence, passion and zest for your life.

Part of the challenge with a creative person is that he can see in his mind’s eye concepts and creations that he is hungry to bring to fruition.  However, because the creative mind never stops envisioning, frequently by the time it is interpreted into physical form, it feels as if it is incomplete.  Carnelian can help you lock into your vision and translate or interpret what is needed so it can be realized physically.  This is true for musicians, painters, sculptors, assemblers and more.

Because Carnelian is working with the Reproductive Energy Center, it can also give you access to your own pleasure, pleasure for the creative process AND the final results. Oftentimes the creator is also the greatest critic.  Carnelian can help calm the cynical voice when it comes to your own creations.  This is one of the reasons that people who are emotionally based find the energy of Carnelian to be grounding and centering. From here it is possible to experience an infusion of vitality, clarity and direction.

Properties: Self-awareness, Creativity, Vitality

Mohs Scale – Hardness 7

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