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Energy Center: Throat

The Full Scoop: While Bornite primarily stimulates the Throat Energy Center, it also works with the Third Eye.  It is an ideal combination if you are a Storyteller or have the need to expressive creative ideas or get interwoven concepts across to your audience.  A teacher or a lecturer who has a desire to be able to use imagery, metaphors and compelling analogies would benefit from working with Bornite.

Bornite is multi-colored ore that is found when mining for copper.  It has a metallic finish that oxidizes into various colors based on its mineral makeup. This makes each piece seem unique.  Sometimes Bornite is also called Peacock Ore.

Bornite seems to have a tendency to strengthen the Throat Energy Center for the sake of weaving a good story.  This is not to imply that you are not speaking the truth.  Instead, this is about attempting to capture and inspire the imagination of others.  Bornite does the same for the teacher or storyteller in you.  It builds a bridge between the Throat and your Third Eye Energy Centers so that your intuition and imagination are working in harmony with each other.  Your access to the language needed to describe the visual images of your mind and imagination are enhanced.

When you find yourself in the flow between these energy centers and you can see the person or people you are talking to hang on each word. You realize you have found your balance.  That energetic place when all of you feels centered and stable and your unique self-expression makes sense.  This is your place of empowerment. Don’t be surprised to find yourself having fun and experiencing the joy of sharing!

Bornite connects you visually with the energies of happiness and joy, by virtue of its colorful iridescent patina. It can help you to understand that life can be easy, even during times of sadness or grief.

Properties: Balance, Intuition, Communication

Mohs Scale – Hardness 3

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