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Blue Lace Agate

Energy Center: Throat

The Full Scoop: This light blue stone resonates with the Throat Energy Center. It gives the sense of air flowing upward, lifting words right out of your mouth-your words of truth and comfort. The ability to speak your own truth is one of the most important ways to release pent-up emotions held in the body and is an ideal practice to develop prior to storing these emotions or thought-forms in the physical body.  This is where combining comfort with truth becomes so important.  When we know that our words are delivered with the energy of comfort, they are easier to share, even when what is being said may be difficult to hear (or say!).

Blue Lace Agate can imbue a stronger sense of self.  It quiets the chatter in the mind and allows you to connect with a deeper sense of your own knowing.  It is not so much a builder of confidence as it is a sense of peace.  This is important for those who are aware of their own power as well as those who struggle with self-identity.  This stone does not ask you to shift or change from your current situation.  Instead, it allows you to connect with your life and experience it with an appreciation for the complexity and beauty, regardless of where you are on your journey. If you are someone who has a tendency to speak before you think, Blue Lace Agate could provide ideal support.

Sometimes, when working with a stone like this, you will find yourself examining the intricacies of a situation. This is a very different than the mind-chatter where you constantly replay or rearrange the details in your mind without solutions. This quality of connecting with the intricacies is much more detached.  As a result, you see multiple perspectives AND options.  When this happens you can enjoy the process of observing without mental gymnastics or emotional attachment.

Blue Lace Agate may also provide you with access to the resonant energy of Joy.  This stone has a lightness about it that reminds us not to take everything in life so seriously.  In the midst of chaos there is a calm and where there is turbulence there is also stillness. It is being willing to look for and find these quiet spaces that will lead you to the joy that is all around you.  Releasing a commitment to turmoil can be an amazing gift to ourselves. This is a stone that will partner with you to find that gift.

Properties: Self-awareness, Clarity, Communication

Mohs Scale – Hardness 7

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