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Energy Center: Heart

The Full Scoop: Bloodstone is aptly named due to it’s powerful connection to both the Heart Energy Center and the physical heart.  It is as though it emits the energies of strength and power and transmits them directly to the heart center of the body.  It is then easy to be aware of the role of pumping blood throughout the entire body that this organ provides.

It is as though Bloodstone bypasses emotional energies and focuses on practical, predictable processes.  Move, circulate, pump, clear, flow, invigorate~all appropriate words to describe the workhorse drive of this crystal.  This makes vitality one of it’s primary properties.

Bloodstone has “let’s get down to business” energies.  It may help focus one’s attention on taking care of the body.  Especially removing any blockages that are preventing clear flow or focus.  It supports “synergy” of all the parts of a system.  Whether that system is represented by the Energy Centers, circulatory systems (lymph, blood) or mind-body-spirit.  Bloodstone encourages healthy interaction.

The practical nature of Bloodstone helps us accept the normal cycles of life.  It helps us relate to death in the same we relate to birth~a mysterious and magical gift. It supports the individual in accepting mortality as part of the natural order.  This makes it an ideal crystal to work with when confronted by terminal illness, for both the person who is sick and/or their loved ones.  It diminishes the “Why me?” energies that are often times associated with suffering, while encouraging strength, courage, determination and dignity.

It allows you to look at the truth of a situation and allows you to release any energies that are not serving.  In this way it also helps to clear your energetic bodies of negative or distracting energies.

For someone who is healthy, yet trying to shift their physical body (runner, yoga, weight lifting, changing food habits), Bloodstone can also be an ideal ally because of its gifts of practicality and vitality!

Properties:   Clearing, Protection, Vitality

Mohs Scale – Hardness 7

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