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Energy Center: Root

The Full Scoop: Bixbyite offers a unique connection with the five physical senses and it’s own method for connecting you with the Root Energy Center and physical body. This is includes an activation of the taste sensations in your mouth. It is as if you can taste the metallic from the manganese on your tongue. However this quickly moves this awareness to your lower energy centers and in particular the base of your spine.

There are many people who are looking internally for solutions for shifting their experience in the physical world. Prayer, meditation, stillness, connecting with inner guidance, are just a few examples of how we might find these solutions. Once we connect with the essence of these solutions, we need to anchor that energy into our physical bodies, in order to shift the matter that surrounds us… shift the illusion of “real” world. Bixbyite can assist with this process. Allow the awareness of your physical senses to be moved into the every part of your body. This is how we shift our vibrational frequencies or integrate new energetic information. On the one hand, it may seem that we do this naturally when we are seeing, hearing, touching, smelling or tasting. The reality is that information is normally being processed through existing filters. It is in the stillness and search for internal movement or growth that we invite higher vibrations or guidance to come through.

Once Bixbyite has assisted in creating a connection with your Root Energy Center, it begins the process of cleansing and clearing your Energy Bodies… from the physical through the spiritual. It is as if your body and it’s electromagnetic field are being swirled in a spiral of cleansing energy. Of course the spiral represents infinity and connection to the Divine.

Bixbyite may assist you in seeing the many options that are available to you for navigating your unique journey. Whether you are trying to make decisions or are in the middle of adjusting to changes or internal transformation—Bixbyite can help you stay aligned with what resonates for you, even when the external world may be encouraging you in a different direction. Or, if what is right for you is aligned with the consensus around you, if can offer a glimpse of why it is right for you. This is very helpful for those who have a tendency to be rebellious or who avoid taking the well traveled path.

Properties: Self-awareness, Grounding, Clearing

Mohs Scale – Hardness 6.5

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