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Barite – Desert Rose

Energy Center: 3rd Eye

The Full Scoop: The Barite that is commonly called “Desert Rose” is a strong activator of the Third Eye, allowing access to the hidden senses and intuitive gifts of clairvoyance and clear knowing.  It does this by opening pathways between the Third-Eye and the Crown Energy Center.

It is the activation of these centers that are directly associated with the functions of the brain that makes it so potent.  It allows you to blend your intuition and sensory perceptions with the wisdom you have gained from education, study, passions, pursuits and life experiences.  One way you may experience this is by feeling like your mind is clear, and you are not distracted by random thoughts.

Yet, If you allow yourself to connect with your insights, you may find that you are able to envision new things that seem to pop as ah-ha moments.  It is easier to see metaphors that allow you to follow a situation much further than before. You are able to envision possible obstacles and outcomes with new clarity.

In addition, Desert Rose physically represents the many layers of any situation and offers a new way to look at them.  It is as if you now see each aspect for its own unique feature and can deal with them one at a time or appreciate them as a whole. It is through the ability to see the micro and the macro that alternatives present themselves.

Desert Rose may also be used to support more active dream states, astral travel or astral projection.  By keeping it near where you sleep, it can help create a healthy balance between drifting to far away destinations, while feeling tethered to your physical body. This may help you remember aspects or the details of your dreams.

Desert Rose is a reminder of how complex, yet delicate life can be.  Each experience is a part of how you have evolved into the person you are today.  To often we emphasize or highlight the people or events that either diminish or exaggerate certain parts of our journey.  We label them as good or bad, or perhaps replay them over and over until they have taken on a disproportionate weight in our evaluation of our success or happiness. Desert Rose Barite can assist you in looking at who you are today and finding the inner beauty of all the interconnected aspects that make you who you are today.

Properties: Clarity, Higher Guidance, Intuition

Mohs Scale – Hardness 3 – 3.5

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