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Energy Center: 3rd Eye

The Full Scoop: Azurite is a beautiful crystal with a deep blue color that is very captivating.  The color draws you in and as you connect with it, you have the sense or immediate awareness of what is happening in that moment.  This is one of the ways   Azurite works with your Third Eye Energy Center.  It is this energy that draws you back to the Now and that has you connected with the intuitive center of your mind. From there, if you would like to focus on a particular topic or issue, you will likely find that the sorting, prioritizing, analyzing, and even decision-making is easier.  This is not because you have cleared your mind of the mental clutter.  It is because you have opened you natural intuitive channel which allows you to see more clearly and bypasses much of the clutter.

It acts as a stimulant to the Third Eye… Adding more balance and clarity.  As a result, your ability to connect with and receive Higher Guidance is increased.

If you are someone who is new to working with your intuitive senses, such as clairaudience,  clairvoyance or simply clear intuition, this is a great stone to work with.

One senses that Azurite also works with the nervous system of the body.  Without more expertise in this area, it is hard to be specific. However, one experience was that while holding and connecting with the stone, there was awareness of several     different areas in the body where there was tingling, and it appears to be the way the crystal reminds us of how the body attempts to give us information about what it likes/dislikes and how it communicates this to us.  Just as many people think of intuition as being a subtle sense, until it becomes primal, our nervous system is the same, it can be communicating very quietly with us, until we force it to scream! Azurite reminds us to allow our body to guide us intuitively and helps us to sense that guidance.

Beyond the body Azurite stimulates the mind.  Once you are connected to a more intuitive state of being, you find your thoughts find natural structure.  Your ability to access information that you have gained through education and life experience is more readily available!  It is as though someone cleaned up the filing system where you used to store this information. It is very stimulating to the intellect.  If you are trying to organize or figure things out, working with this stone may make it easier to “connect the dots”.

Properties: Clarity, Balance, Intuition

Mohs Scale – Hardness 3.5 – 4

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