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Aragonite – Star Cluster

Energy Center: All

The Full Scoop: The Aragonite Star Cluster is a great stone to work with when you are trying to clear pollution and debris from your Emotional Energy Body.  Initially it focuses on those events or circumstances that are immediately present or that have accumulated over the past few months.  It can clear these energies quickly and help release them.  After that it will begin to break down older sediment within your emotional field (which may already be  having an impact on your physical body).  These older accumulations may be the result of creating the same scenarios over and over again in our lives, our lessons.

By working with Aragonite you can begin to connect the dots in ways that may be harder to accomplish on your own.  This means that when you begin working with this stone, you  probably already have a sense of what you want to clear and release (the circumstances and events) from the present.  As this is cleared away and you begin to chip away at older areas of debris, patterns will begin to materialize and you will be able to see the connections to older events (perhaps long forgotten) that allow you to see energetically how you set up these situations causing emotional turmoil.  You then have the opportunity to break the patterns and choose new ways of responding to, or being in relationship with, these situations.

The good news is that Aragonite, although a powerful cleansing stone for the emotional body, is actually calming as well.  Think of it as gentle massage with a soothing lotion.  With that said, just like any massage or energy work, you are releasing toxins from your energy bodies. Be gentle with yourself and be sure to drink plenty of liquids.

This stone resonates with all of the energy centers and is a   perfect stone for both clearing and balancing. You can use this stone on one energy center at a time; however, a practice of working with it on all of them in sequence would be ideal.

Choose a direction for this sequence (Root to Crown / Crown to Root) based on your current intentions.  If you are working on developing your connection to God/Spirit or taking this relationship to new levels, start at the Root Energy Center and work your way up.  You might also choose this direction if you are aware that you have been holding emotional energies for too long, and as a result, they are starting to take a physical toll on your body—use the upward movement to clear and balance your system and release this dense emotional energy to the Universe for transmutation.

If you find you are feeling strong in your connection to Spirit, but what you are trying to create in your life is not quite hitting the mark or is not manifesting at all, start at the Crown and work your way down.  This will ensure that the clearing and  balancing energy is grounded into the physical body.  This will allow you to tap into this clean energy and begin to sense opportunities for creating from your desires more effectively.

Either one of these sequences or patterns will allow the gentle opening and release of blockages with the chakras and will have a balancing effect so other energies can be successfully applied.

Used in meditation Aragonite Star Cluster facilitates connection with higher states of Consciousness.

Properties: Balance, Transformation, Clearing

Mohs Scale – Hardness 3.5 – 4

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