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Aragonite (Blue)

Energy Center: Throat

The Full Scoop: Blue Aragonite is very soothing to the Throat Energy Center and stimulating to the Third Eye. Because of it’s strong connection through the Emotional Energy Body, it supports you to experience and express your authentic feelings without the need to distort them with false emotions.

Self-expression manifests in many ways, not just the spoken word. It may be through art, movement, music, colors, and much more. When you can align your expression with your authentic emotions, your mode of expression becomes more potent and effective. This allows the results you are looking for to be more synchronized with your desired outcomes. As an example, if you are using your voice, the words you use are more reflective of the true message that you want to deliver. Versus, being tinted by a subconscious or false emotion that is being suppressed. (blame, shame, fear, guilty, false-enthusiasm) Blue Aragonite may assist with this alignment of expression and your emotions.

This crystal may be very stimulating to the intuitive senses. This is done in a similar fashion as it is with your self-expression. By minimizing false modesty, insecurity and confusion that limits your access to intuitive guidance, it appears to simplify the access to these sometimes unfamiliar senses and your intuitive gifts. For many people who are developing their connection to intuitive guidance the biggest challenge can be learning to trust the information they receive. By removing some of these limiting emotional beliefs, Blue Aragonite may assist you with trusting your intuition.

If you already have a strong connection to your intuitive guidance, yet, feel ready to expand in other areas (such as, clairvoyance in addition to clear-knowing).., it may assist with this as well.

Properties:  Clarity, Intuition, Communication

Mohs Scale – Hardness 3.5 – 4

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