Aragonite | The Magic of Crystals


Energy Center: Reproductive

Full Scoop: Aragonite is an ideal stone to work with if you are looking to balance and blend the masculine and feminine energies within your own body. Those words can be polarizing for many who associate them with gender. However, we each have our own unique blend of them and when we can connect to and harmonize these energies we are unstoppable.

Feminine energies assist us with the ability to contemplate, reflect, receive, create, imagine, determine direction, open, originate, nurture, and birth something new.

Masculine energies assist us with things such as movement, action, decisiveness, assertiveness, completion, boundaries, protection, analysis and drive.

Imagine, is there any area of your life or personal goals that would not benefit from and increased balance of these energies?

The added benefit to working with or wearing Aragonite is that it can give the body a sense of increased vitality. Extra juice to get the job done. Although this will be most noticeable when you already recognize that your balance is off.

Once we begin to recognize all aspects of self and our internal makeup, we begin to recognize that we are resourceful in ways that perhaps in the past we missed or didn’t give ourselves credit for. Aragonite can help us to find these new views or insights.

The other benefit of finding our own internal balance is a stronger sense of self-esteem. A realistic knowing of our value and uniqueness. It is then easier to release beliefs about not fitting in or being an outsider. Aragonite could be the perfect ally for increased self-esteem.

Energy Center: Reproductive

Energy Body: Physical

Properties: Vitality, Balance, Self-awareness