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Energy Center: Throat

The Full Scoop: When you first connect with Aquamarine it is easy to feel its energy in the Throat Energy Center.  For most it feels comforting and, perhaps, even cooling to the throat.  It leaves you with the feeling of well-cared-for vocal cords. That is because one of its primary properties is to help you communicate your own truth.

The Throat Energy Center which is the transmitter/receiver of our self-expression is often one of the easiest in which to develop constriction or pollution.  Many people will hold their tongues as a way to avoid confrontation.  We are willing to create discomfort within our own bodies rather than possibly impact someone else.  Many times this is  because we are feeling our own emotional reactions to the situation at hand.  We project how we think someone else will react and begin mentally churning things over and over in our minds, and as it thickens, it feels like too much.  So, rather than express it, we hold it in.

Aquamarine can help break the patterns of putting other people’s comfort before our own.  Yet it does not do this through a sense of entitlement.  Instead, it helps make us aware of the impact of holding these thoughts and/or emotions in.  It helps us see the connections between this action and dis-ease within the body.

As your throat relaxes and you find your voice, you may also find that your access to deeper levels of intuition is expanded and you have the ability to identify the emotional impact of any given situation clearly.  Thus, finding the right words becomes effortless.  You are able to describe the emotions you are feeling without having the emotions take over.

This is helpful in situations where you are negotiating.  It also supports you during times of speaking in front of a group, especially if this is something that normally makes you nervous.  It may not settle the nerves in your stomach; however, once you begin the words will flow easier than expected.

Aquamarine carries the energy of refinement-the sense that each step can be taken with clarity and that we have the desire and skill to handle situations with composure.

Aquamarine gives us a  type of social elegance or sophistication that makes us comfortable in a variety of situations without losing our connections to ourselves.

Properties:  Clarity, Balance, Communication

Mohs Scale – Hardness 7.5 – 8

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