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Apache Tears

Energy Center: Solar

The Full Scoop: Apache Tears are natural forms of obsidian that are small in size found in many areas of the world, but most commonly in Arizona and the Southwest USA.  This is where they get their name and where the legends were born.  There are many variations of the myth and legend, however they are all similar in that they represent the tears that the Apache Woman cried for their men, lost in battle with the white soldiers.

These stories have been passed on for generations, and as a result, it is hard not to feel the weight of history and legacy of battle that is infused in these small orbs of natural obsidian.  Part of the legend is that when given as a gift, they help to soften the sorrow from grief or the rage against injustice.  They represent the tears of many Apache woman whose grief was so intense it hardened into glass, so that none would forget and none would feel alone in their loss.

These small stones seem to shake the emotional body to the core.  Apache Tears assist in aligning and balancing the emotional body first, so that you can once again find a stronger connection to your core and physical body.  It helps to clear away negative energies, without making the constricting emotions such as anger, rage, sorrow, or grief wrong.

When these intense and constricting emotions can be felt in a clean way, without adding blame, shame, guilt or other distorted emotions on top of them, it can be a very healing process.  Helping to access these pure emotions is something that Apache Tears can help with.  They meet you where you are at and make no demand for your loss or grief to look a particular way or to define how long or short the duration of the experience “should” be.

Apache Tears are not just helpful during times of loss.  They can also be helpful in helping you to connect to your spiritual and physical lineage, regardless of what that may be.  Many of us look for answers to our spiritual journey based on what we have experienced in this lifetime.  However, in most indigenous cultures and in many Eastern belief systems they look forward (and back) seven generations.   This is your physical lineage and heritage.  Add to that the spiritual belief that the Soul’s journey is through multiple lifetimes.

If you feel a sting pull to Higher Guidance and a deeper connection to the Divine or Source, yet your experiences from this lifetime are not quite satisfying, perhaps Apache Tears would be a good ally during your times of meditation, prayer and/or spiritual study.

Properties:  Clarity, Balance, Higher Guidance

Mohs Scale – Hardness 5 – 6

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