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Energy Center: Throat

The Full Scoop: Anhydrite is commonly a colorless crystal, although it can also be found in a light violet, blue or gray. It is a crystal that can help you related more to your energetic field and as a result, to your physical body. This allows you to claim the parts of you that are only energetic in nature.

This awareness may serve you in several ways. Allow it to protect you from other people’s energetic information, such as strong emotions, or random chaotic thoughts. Many people are not aware that they are being affected by the emotional “moods” of those around them or the chaos of excessive over- thinking, analysis or multi-tasking. They only begin to realize the impact of this type of energetic information, once they realize that their experience has shifted to something that no longer feels authentic. If you are aware of being an empath, Anhydrite allows you to experience thoughts and emotions as they bump up against your field, while giving you the opportunity to allow them to “bounce off”.

Another way Anhydrite can serve is by allowing you to discern what needs to be spoken or said. Oftentimes when we are victimized by our circumstances, we feel the need to defend, justify or apologize for another’s actions or words.
When we feel connected to and responsible for self.., this need slips away.
Because Anhydrite helps us stay in the moment, through the natural connection to our Spiritual Energy Body, we benefit from easier access to higher guidance.

Anhydrite appears to work well with the lymphatic system of the body. It helps to activate and move (improved circulation) fluids to the cells and lymphatic vessels. It can help to release excess sodium and blood protein blockages. Considering so much of our body is made of fluids, this crystal offers a lot of potential for helping to release and clear stuck energies in the body.

Properties: Protection, Clearing, Communication

Mohs Scale – Hardness 3.5

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