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Energy Center: Throat

The Full Scoop: The gift of self-expression is a powerful one.  Self-awareness and thoughtful communications, when combined, are a magical potion.  When you connect with SELF and your inner guidance, your expression is more gentle.  This is one reason Angelite can be a powerful tool to work with.  As the name implies, it can help you connect with the Angelic Realm and your Higher Guidance.  Most of us are aware of (or have a sense of) being in the company of Higher Beings, angels, guides, spirit  totems.  To tap into those energies intentionally and ask for what we need at any moment can be very effective.

Angelite is a stone that supports you in expressing yourself during times of intensity such as when tempers are flaring or passion is high.  We get caught up in our own perspective or story, making it easy to forget the impacts we are having on others.

This is a stone that works with the Throat Energy Center.  Instead of activating or stimulating this energy center, it acts more like a lotion or lozenge.  A reminder to cool the heat of the moment, it helps us consider the other person’s perspective and how to best communicate our own.

Many people are used to having problems with their Throat Energy Centers, as this is how we express ourselves in the world. From a young age we may be told to “speak only when spoken to”.  Since this usually comes from an authority figure, it is not uncommon to develop beliefs about worthiness and or a sense of “less-than”.  Conversely, if someone is raised by parents who overindulge them and no boundaries are set regarding expressing themselves in front of others, disappointment and “better-than” may form the foundation of some beliefs.  When the world does not embrace us the way we learned during our formative years, it is easy to adopt beliefs about trust (not  being able to trust what you were told or what you thought you understood).

Angelite is a good stone for helping you to remember the guidance from your dreams and to be more lucid in the dream state. It can also help you move more quickly into meditation.  In both meditation and dreams we have access to information and  guidance that may not be available to us during our thought-filled day.  During meditation or while we’re dreaming our minds are more expansive and not as likely to be caught-up in ego-based thinking.  Of course, with the information that is received, many times a translation must occur, as information is not always delivered in linear fashion.

Properties:  Self-Awareness, Higher Guidance, Communication

Mohs Scale – Hardness 3.5

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