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Energy Center: Solar

The Full Scoop: While Amber is not technically a mineral, it has been used for centuries for its energetic and healing properties. Amber invites us to consider natural and holistic alternatives for our day-to-day lives. It has a strong connection to Mother Earth and provides a connection between the Plant, Mineral and Animal Kingdoms.

It is soothing to the emotions by bringing a sense of warmth and compassion. It clears and purifies energetic information that has a low- vibrational frequency by helping to raise the frequency or by bringing it into harmony.

One way that low vibrational frequency can show up in the physical body is through pain and inflammation. Amber is said to be a natural analgesic that worn against the skin can help reduce these symptoms. This is one reason that amber necklaces are popular for parents who are looking for more holistic ways to support babies during the teething process. It may help reduce the common symptoms related to teething such as; redness in the cheeks, swollen gums, diaper rashes and fevers. This is an ancient practice for European countries.

Amber has a strong connection to the Sun and as result stimulates a feeling of warmth and light with an overall sense of well-being.

Ancient Egyptians used pine resin as an embalming agent, and doctors in the Civil War, when supplies were low, would use tree sap on wounds as a disinfectant. Amber acts as a natural embalming agent and has both drying and anti-microbial properties.

When you wear Amber against your skin, your natural body heat helps release small amounts of oil from the amber, which then can be absorbed into the blood stream. Amber has be known to naturally reduce acidity in the human body.

Properties:  Transformation, Clearing, Protection

Mohs Scale – Hardness 2 – 3

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