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Energy Center: Heart

The Full Scoop: This stone has a beautiful Heart to Throat Energy Center connection which is smooth and soothing, much like a gentle stream that moves between the two.  This is very important for many of us, as it supports us in speaking the truths that live in our hearts. As a result, where we experience Amazonite first is in our emotional bodies.

So many of us suppress our personal truth, many times for the sake of others. We put others comfort in front of our own.  As long as we are aware of a truth that we know needs to be expressed, yet keep the words or expression inside, we are creating dis-ease within our own bodies.  Once the truth has been spoken it can be released from the body. In that way this is also a healing stone for the physical body.  We all hold our emotions in different parts of our bodies. So, where you experience the shift or healing from this release will likely feel very specific to you.

Many stones assist with opening the Throat Energy Center; however, it is the sense of fluid movement of energy with Amazonite that makes it stand out.  It reminds us to be gentle with ourselves and with others. You may even find that you don’t get as emotionally hooked or charged by these sometimes difficult conversations. It slows us down enough to find the best words to speak our truth.  This can be very important when what needs to be said has been held inside for a long time! Gentle.

This does not mean that these moments of hard truth are the only times to work with Amazonite.  Sometimes we are trying to create more ease and flow in whatever it is we are trying to communicate.

For example, if you are making a presentation to a group, this may not be about speaking your truth, but instead, about communicating something effectively to the group.  If the energy that you want to create between you and an audience is ease and flow or if you are have to negotiate between parties or view your role as a peacekeeper/peacemaker, keep Amazonite with you!

Amazonite seduces our senses back to Nature. Incredible beauty is all around us and we are part of this magic.  Amazonite is a reminder of that and it invokes a sense of natural order. Natural order asks us to look at how we serve and impact the world around us and vice-versa.  This is an elegant way to find our connection to Oneness.  It carries the energy of harmony

Properties: Self-awareness, Clarity, Communication

Mohs Scale – Hardness 6 – 6.5

Commonly Found in Peru and Burma

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