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Almandine Garnet

Energy Center: Root

The Full Scoop:
Almandine Garnet is a stone of physical truth and clarity. It helps you tap into a deeper knowing of yourself, by helping you connect with your physical body.  Part of this connection is the energy it holds of history, lineage and ancestry. The other part is its simple, practical connection with the physical energy body. It is naturally grounding.

Another important aspect of this stone is that it carries the energy of vitality. It feels as though it imbues strength to complete the task at hand versus, say, a burst of energy. Think of Almandine Garnet as a tool to use when you have a full day’s work ahead of you and you want to stay focused. Use Almandine Garnet whenever you feel you’ve run out of steam.

The ancient energy this stone holds can help you stay focused on the big picture. Since it is a stone that initially connects with the physical body, this can be very helpful when you feel as if you are trying to manifest something in the physical, yet tend to be focused on immediate gratification. By connecting with this ancient energy you can put it into perspective with the journey of your life.

Sometimes we create disposable things in our lives only to find that we have not created what we were searching for. This process in itself can create a looping pattern. Often it is easy to be amazed by what we have the ability to create without paying attention to the fact that what we are creating is not that satisfying!

Almandine Garnet has a strong Earth energy too. This is not uncommon for stones or crystals that generate grounding energies. What makes this different is that it carries the energy of the Gnomes, the nature spirits that represent the Earth. Almandine Garnet has a workhorse energy that is about getting things done.

Mohs Scale – Hardness 7 – 7.5

Commonly Found In: Sri Lanka, Australia, East Africa, USA

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