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Energy Center: Solar

The Full Scoop: You can find Citrine in a range of color from very pale to dark or smoky brown. It is often associated with creating abundance. This happens when we realize that abundance is part of our Divine life. As you become more aware of your Divine nature you will find that you naturally attract whatever material wealth is needed to live the life you desire. Citrine will assist in this attraction.

As you become clear and aligned with your Divine journey, by simply clarifying, defining and visualizing what you desire, the Universe begins to realign itself to attract what you envision so that it will come to you. Keep in mind that what you attract and manifest must be for the Highest Good. Otherwise, the consequences could be confusing or negative.

Citrine will assist you with increased clarity of thought, enhanced creativity and will magnify your self-will and ability to manifest. Citrine can stimulate the imagination through three of your energy centers (Solar Plexus, Reproductive and Third Eye).

Citrine activates and synchronizes these three energy centers. A close connection exists between the Solar Plexus Energy Center, which represents our full range of emotions, and is the receptor/transmitter for the emotional range from vulnerability to control and the Reproductive Energy Center of Pleasure.

Citrine carries an important vibrational frequency that aligns your connection to self and your ability to manifest. It can assist you in identifying and healing from experiences of being taken advantage of or being belittled. This enables you to understand the proper action to take to resolve a situation for the Higher Good and it lends courage to make the hard choices and to take action.

If you find yourself in situations where you are overly sensitive or feel vulnerable to the energies of other people or places, Citrine can help clear and block these energies. Citrine does not accept or hold negative energy. It acts like a shield for you or your space when worn or carried on you or placed in your environment.

Properties: Clarity, Manifestation, Clearing

Mohs Scale – Hardness 7

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