Almandine Garnet

Provides access to truth and clarity and grounding. It allows you to see the big picture and manifest with cleaner intention. Almandine Garnet leads to access of your lineage and ancestry. Properties: Clarity, Grounding, Manifestation


Amazonite connects with and helps us express our truth and compassion when delivering a tough message. It also invokes awareness of the natural order and harmony.


While Amber is not technically a mineral, it has been used for centuries for its energetic and healing properties. Amber is said to be a natural analgesic that worn against the skin can help reduce pain and inflammation.


Amethyst strengthens your spiritual connection, connecting to the Now. As it purifies your energetic bodies it supports the release of old patterns, habits and addictions.


Angelite connects with higher realms especially the Angelic. It gives calm self-expression during tense times and enhances the ability to remember dreams.


If you are aware of being an empath, Anhydrite allows you to experience thoughts and emotions as they bump up against your field, while giving you the opportunity to allow them to “bounce off”. Anhydrite assists you to discern what needs to be spoken or said with the benefit of easier access to higher guidance in the moment.

Apache Tears

Apache Tears assist in aligning and balancing the emotional body first, so that you can once again find a stronger connection to your core and physical body.  They are helpful during times of loss and in helping you to connect to your spiritual and physical lineage


Aquamarine helps you communicate your truth and gives you increased awareness of the impact of holding your thoughts or your emotions inside. Aquamarine is helpful during times of negotiations.


Aragonite is an ideal stone to work with if you are looking to balance and blend the masculine and feminine energies within your own body. Aragonite gives the body a sense of increased vitality. Extra juice to get the job done.

Aragonite (Blue)

Blue Aragonite is very soothing to the Throat Energy Center and stimulating to the Third Eye. It supports you to experience and express your authentic feelings. Blue Aragonite may assist you with trusting your intuition.

Aragonite – Star Cluster

The Aragonite Star Cluster can clear pollution from the energetic bodies. It can chip away at old beliefs, values and attitudes that no longer fit. The Aragonite Star Cluster can balance your energy centers easily.


Azurite connects with the Now and helps to open intuitive channels. It strengthens your access to information gained through education. You receive enhanced clarity from your mental body and your physical body.

Barite – Desert Rose

The Barite that is commonly called "Desert Rose" is a strong activator of the Third Eye, allowing access to the hidden senses and intuitive gifts of clairvoyance and clear knowing. Desert Rose may also be used to support more active dream states,  astral travel or astral projection


Bixbyite offers a unique connection with the five physical senses and the ability to cleanse and clear your Energy Bodies. Bixbyite may assist you in seeing the many options that are available to you, for navigating your unique journey.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a workhorse for grounding energy into the body, clearing electromagnetic energy (EMF) especially from electronics and shielding or protecting your own energetic bodies from other people’s energies.


Bloodstone bypasses emotional energies and focuses on practical, predictable processes.  Move, circulate, pump, clear, flow, invigorate~all appropriate words to describe the workhorse drive of this crystal.  This makes vitality one of it's primary properties.

Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite is a beneficial stone to work with when you speak in public. It helps you access your personal courage to find just the right pace. Apatite is also a reminder that life is a mosaic and that we live in a world of Oneness.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate helps you deliver sensitive information with compassion and to speak your truth. It engage the internal Observer and gives you access to the energies of joy. It can help you to ‘think before you speak’.


Bornite is an ideal stone to work with if you are a Storyteller or have the need to express creative ideas or get interwoven concepts across to your audience.  A teacher or a lecturer who has a desire to be able to use imagery, metaphors and compelling analogies would benefit from working with Bornite.  


Carnelian brings more creative and sexual energies into your life and you have increased confidence, passion and zest. It calms the internal, cynical voice and gives you increased energy or vitality.


Celestite is a beneficial stone to work with in order to connect with Higher Realms. It is ideal for helping you to stay in the moment. Celestite has a calming energy that helps you to express yourself without creating tumultuous situations


Charoite helps you stay in the moment while supporting clear thinking. You are able to come to decisions faster, make choices based on your overall values and beliefs and comprehend how these decisions and choices support your life focuses.

Chrysanthemum Stone

A Chrysanthemum Stone connects you with your inner calling and your increased ability to manifest including wealth. It is grounding and supports you in your journey to uniqueness.


Chrysocolla emanates stability. It can help you find the balance between masculine and feminine energies. Chrysocolla can elicit more effective communication and it helps you find your uniqueness.


Chrysoprase is an ideal crystal to work with if you are trying to repair a broken or injured heart. It assists with staying connected with your Heart Center and allows you to operate from the heart, versus the mind (ego).

Cinnabar Quartz

Cinnabar Quartz encourages transformation from the small self to the True Self. It helps in manifesting wealth and prosperity and can facilitate releasing deeply held resentment or other constricting emotions.


Citrine brings a stronger connection to your Divine nature. It allows greater abundance. Citrine shields from negative energies and gives clear thinking with increased creativity.


Creedite activates cellular memory. It connects with your soul’s journey and enhances logical thinking as well as giving you focus and helping with decision making.

Dalmatian Jasper

Dalmatian Jasper may be considered the crystal of ‘perspective’. Dalmatian Jasper supports greater access to your full range of emotions while holding the perspective of your purpose, Higher Self, Soul, and Spirit.

Dark Green Fuchsite

Dark Green Fuchsite opens the heart center and draws to it warmth and a sense of calm. This crystal is ideal for self-healing or for those who do energetic healing for others. It promotes compassion and understanding for the circumstances and situations that foster dis-ease. It promotes character, integrity and sincerity.


Dravite releases negative energy for you. It strengthens the connections with your senses and also releases emotional attachment. You can have fun with creativity through Dravite.

Elestial Quartz

Elestial Quartz amplifies personal transformation and strengthens the connection to Higher Guidance and the Higher Self. Elestial Quartz supports attunement to new energies.


Emerald helps you to open to and stay centered in your heart’s desire. It attract abundance and synchronicity to you as it helps you find your inner courage. Good for those caught up in legal troubles.


Epidote has the ability to clear clutter and confusion from your Heart Energy Center. There are ceremonial energies associated with Epidote. It can be very helpful in identifying and releasing martyr energies.

Faden Quartz

Faden Quartz assists in the healing process by promoting two things coming together with ease or with a strong connection. It works to strengthen the Energy Bodies, while aligning, patching and sealing the personal energy field.

Fancy Jasper

Fancy Jasper stimulates the imagination and creates a sense of wonder.  This combination is powerful for exploring and expanding your intuitive senses.  Fancy Jasper may help you to see an old situation in a new light.


Fluorite imbues within you a beautiful, uplifting, positive energy. It encourages building community and cooperation. Fluorite can break down emotions into manageable layers and it reduces martyr energies.

Fuchsite with Ruby

Fuchsite with Ruby enhances your ability to organize and gives you mental clarity. It can restore ease in decision-making. Fuchsite with Ruby is grounding and can help bring something new to fruition.


Galena is a natural form of lead sulfide. It assists with clearing work within the body and is good to work with during times of transition. Especially when trying to define, separate or shift two or more people or things.

Green Apophyllite

Green Apophyllite is considered a sophisticated or advanced healing crystal. Their expansive energies help to open the Heart Energy Center.  This is optimal for any kind of self-healing, as it allows you to tap into Unconditional Love, especially that of self-love.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is soothing and protective to the Heart Energy Center and attract prosperity as well as clarity and peace of mind.

Halite (Pink)

Can something be delicate and strong at the same time? We think so! And for proof, look no further than Halite. In this case Pink Halite.


Hematite gives grounding and clarity of thought. It is clearing and protective from negative energies. Magnetic Hematite is playful.

Himalayan Ice Quartz

Himalayan Ice Quartz carries the wisdom of the ancient ones who have the ability to move in and out of physical form.  The ability to effortlessly shift a situation quickly with concise, thoughtful words and/or action.  It allows you to release old patterns or behaviors that are creating points of constriction in the physical body.

Honey Calcite

Honey Calcite slows us down for more potent contemplation and connection with the moment. It gives you more ability to learn and discern new information while connecting you with your passions.

Iridescent Lemurian Gold Quartz

Iridescent Lemurian Gold Quartz supports ease of movement through energetic frequency shifts and promotes access to downloaded information. Working with this crystal may allow you to experience access to your emotions without having to engage “the stories” that you tell yourself, which usually include limiting beliefs.


Jade supports a strong connection between your dreams, desires, your willingness to be authentic, and your need to control. It can help you to manifest more prosperity, relationships and well-being in your life.


Jet will clear and cleanse negative energies. It has a grounding energy that will bring you back to center. Jet opens access to the wisdom of the ages and supports your personal transformation.

Kambaba Stone

Kambaba Stone assist you in making a strong connection to Nature and the power of the elements. By working with this crystal you are likely to see with more clarity, the path ahead. This includes creative ideas on how to navigate the terrain that lies in front of you.


Kyanite assists in Consciousness evolution. It clears and balances the energy centers and supports your ability to download or integrate new energies. Kyanite does not hold negative energy. It is a stone for the non-conformist!

Kyanite – Black

Black Kyanite is ideal for both grounding and clarity. This is a great crystal for anyone who multitasks and feels unsure which direction to take or how to prioritize their work. This appears to be a good for hormone balancing.


Labradorite assists with developing intuitive abilities. It connects you with your personal sense of magic and helps you appreciate conflicting positions and perspectives. Labradorite protects you from other people’s energies and assists in transformation.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli encourages the communication of your truth and stimulates intuition and the thirst for knowledge. It also stills the mind.


Lepidolite is calming and soothing. It quiets the mental chatter and strengthens the connection to Higher Guidance. Lepidolite supports those who worry a lot or struggle with depression.

Lithium Quartz

Lithium Quartz offers gentle, calming energies that may assist in reducing mental mind chatter and clearing confusion.  It can assist in releasing limiting or diminishing attitudes and beliefs, while strengthening the connection to Higher Self.

Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogany Obsidian is an ideal companion for artists, authors, marketers or creatives. It stimulates new ways of thinking about familiar situations, triggering inspiration and insights when a situation has stalled.


Malachite can help extract old emotional wounds for healing. It gives courage and clarity for parents and other people in leadership roles. Malachite exudes protection against negative energies.


Moldative is the ultimate Crystal for transformation. It is considered a high-vibration, galactic stone and energetically one of the easiest for some people to sense and feel in their physical body.


Mookite opens you to the expansive emotions associated with enjoyment and playfulness and helps you understand that earning, proving and deserving are old beliefs that can sometimes prevent you from connecting with ease and flow.


Moonstone gives access to masculine and feminine energies and to connecting with your Higher Self. It helps in shifting or releasing beliefs from the subconscious. Moonstone can help develop your intuition.


Nuummite assist in developing the intuitive abilities of clairvoyance and scrying. It leads to access to galactic energy and gives a stronger connection to the True Self and Oneness.

Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper is calming and soothing energetically, allowing you to observe the cause and affect of your emotional state and make and shifts that are needed. It may help to quiet mental activity and engage the internal Observer, which in turn helps you see the challenges of life as a natural part of your journey.

Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite opens your awareness to pleasure and relieves symptoms of depression or melancholy. It is a reminder of the joy of sexual and creative energies and spontaneity. Through Orange Calcite you can reframe childhood memories.


One of the words that comes to mind when working with Peridot is boundaries. Because of the strong connection to the Heart Energy Center, it is as if this crystal helps to define and set healthy boundaries. This is important for everyone, and is a bonus if you are a parent, guardian, teacher and/or coach.

Petoskey Stone

Petoskey Stones are ideal allies during times of metamorphosis and energetic shifts.  They help us see the patterns of our past and support new ways of integrating them into the present.  This is a stone that encourages uniqueness and can be used to develop your intuitive senses.

Phantom Quartz

Phantom Quartz is actually a form traditional Quartz with its own unique characteristic. They naturally carry the energies of resilience, determination and fortitude.

Picasso Jasper

Picasso Jasper is a crystal that stimulates creativity, while simultaneously assisting in removing blockages to the creating process. It assists in moving beyond excuses.

Picture Jasper

Picture Jasper is the crystal of lineage. Lineage of both your human ancestry and your spiritual evolution, often across multiple lifetimes. Picture Jasper allows you to drop into a deeper state of contemplation. It helps bring a sense of clarity by looking at the bigger picture.

Pink Danburite

Pink Danburite helps you connect with a sense of Oneness between you and the planet.  It amplifies compassion and respect allowing you to sense the gifts of Mother Nature and to find your natural balance between masculine and feminine energies.


Prehnite supports a strong alliance between the Heart and Solar Plexus Energy Centers. It lifts the emotions that are anchored in the Solar Plexus, creating a compassionate connection with the energies of Unconditional Love. Prehnite promotes the movement and scattering of stuck emotional energies.


Pyrite gives decisiveness, spurs a person to action and encourages vitality. It engages the Observer and allows a clearer perspective.

Quartz (Clear)

Clear Quartz generates and amplifies energies with the ability to hold memories and intentions. It can help establish a spiritual connection to Higher Guidance and soul purpose. Clear Quartz is used frequently in crystal and other energetic healings.

Rainbow Obsidian

Rainbow Obsidian creates grounding energies that encase the physical body.  It is a great crystal to work with during times of transformation and can open access to creative energies and clarity.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is grounding and connects to the planet. It promotes resourcefulness and connection with the indigenous cultures that came before us.


Rhodochrosite carries the energies of flow and movement. It is an ideal ally during times of transition because it helps to still the overactive mind and help you stay present.


Rhodonite is a perfect ally for caregivers who have forgotten to care for themselves first. It is a wonderful quality to freely give of ourselves for the sake of another. However, we must take care of our own needs, too. Rhodonite reminds us to tend to our hearts!

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the heart stone of Love and it heals emotional scars. It can assist with understanding life lessons and instills compassion for yourself and others.


Ruby is an ideal stone to work with when being confronted with doubt or insecurity.  It lends a zest and zeal to day-to-day routines and helps you reconnect with your passions!  There is an energy of enthusiasm that helps you think outside-the-box!  In this way it helps you to create and manifest wealth and prosperity.

Rutilated Quartz

Rutile intensifies Quartz’s ability to generate and amplify energy. It can broadcast intentions in multiple directions and aids in your own personal transformation.


Scolecite is a purposeful crystal, intent on expanding your horizons. Making sure you understand the magic of being in physical form, while increasing your connection to the unseen world around you. It is an ideal talisman for those who do their manifesting work through the etheric realms or what some call ‘the more real’.


Selenite will clear clutter and confusion from the mental body, the mind, and the external energy centers. It connects you with your Higher Guidance and will not hold negative energies. Selenite can be used to cleanse other crystals and stones.

Septarian Nodule

Septarian Nodule reminds you that life is about the journey and not the destination. It helps you access the energies of playfulness and fun while stimulating your awareness of what familiar or intuitive senses are required for the challenges at hand.


Seraphinite connects intuitive wisdom from the mind with instinctual information from the body. It clears energy centers and releases blockages within the systems of the body.


Serpentine moves Kundalini energy up the spine, clearing and balancing energy centers. It encourages transformation and awakening while connecting us with Nature

Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam embodies the balance and unity of masculine and feminine energies, stimulating and opening the energy centers of the body. Shiva Lingams from the Narmada River in India are stewards of inner transformation.


Shungite is one of the most popular stones for helping to clear the electromagnetic field (EMF) of energies that surround us. For those who are empathic, Shungite may be the perfect partner.

Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz generates, amplify and holds memories while grounding, clearing and transmuting negative energies. It is helpful for manifesting.

Snakeskin Agate

Snakeskin Agate supports the release or letting-go phase of transformation. It can feel emotionally very calming while also assisting you in feeling more aligned with the present. Snakeskin Agate offers a great reminder of the cycles of life, the layers of change and of our own multi-dimensionality.

Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian is an interesting blend of grounding energies and "reaching for the stars".  While your feet are firmly planted, it allows you to expand your imagination, stimulate your intuitive senses and connect with what is available to you in the current moment.  


Sodalite supports the processing of a lot of information quickly and easily. It gives you a stronger connection with your intuition and the ability to communicate your ideas more effectively.

Specular Hematite

Specular Hematite stimulates playful energies that support you in completing projects that are stalled or require you to "think outside the box".  It is a potential ally for shifting dreamtime experiences.  It helps you connect with a strong sense of self.

Spiderman Jasper

Spiderman Jasper is a crystal of resilience and determination. It supports you to look deeper within to access the motivation and find the resolve to follow-through on creating your dreams. Use this crystal to tap into your passion, resourcefulness, determination, decisiveness and truth.


Sunstone is an ideal crystal to connect with when you are trying to get things done! Sunstone promotes collaboration and community.

Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye supports emotional clarity and gives the ability to see the layers of emotions within a situation so they can be dealt with in smaller increments. Tiger Eye activates the Observer while it gives vitality and encourages action.

Tiger Iron

Tiger Iron helps you manifest your passions and creative ideas in the physical world. It guides you to see the layers and components of your ideas and helps you to understand where any blocks may be inhibiting their creation.

Tree Agate

By working with Tree Agate, you can connect with your hearts desire for expansion - while also getting clear on priorities and the desired outcomes. It may assist you by helping to distinguish between fear-based emotions and true areas of concern and focus that are necessary to make healthy decisions.


Turquoise is an ideal stone for anyone who leads ceremonies, host events, teaches courses or in general needs to connect with a group or audience. It connects the speaker’s personal passion with the lineage and history of the subject and/or ceremony. Turquoise supports increased self-confidence and self-esteem.


Ulexite helps you navigate your journey with more ease and elegance. It strengthens your decision making abilities and helps you connect with your Higher Guidance.


Unakite has a calming quality that helps you look at your life from a distance and connect with your heart's desire. It opens you to the energies of possibility and hope while it strengthens the connection between your heart and your intuitive wisdom.

White Calcite

White Calcite provides you with a sense of comfort and protection while connecting you with the energies of unconditional love which are always available when you connect with your Divine essence.

Zebra Jasper

Zebra Jasper, as it’s name implies, has black and white markings. It has a strong focus on balancing masculine and feminine energies. This is a healing crystal which brings a whole-being and centered perspective to challenging situations.